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Donny Arcade Features

May 26, 2017

How would you like to get Hip-Hop star Donny Arcade as a feature on your next song??? Here is your chance. For a limited time Donny Arcade will be available for features on your approved tracks. Read more for pricing and quotes.

Submit Your Music

May 26, 2017

Submit your MP3 for consideration by the Pantheon Elite A&R. Our professional experienced staff will analyze your track and give you personalized advice on how to best proceed forward. You might be good enough to earn a spot on the Pantheon Elite roster!

Discounted Production Services

May 26, 2017

Do you need your songs produced, mixed or mastered? We have affordable rate for independent artists! read more about our production services here.

Radio Airplay

May 26, 2017

would you like to get your songs played on the radio??? Look no further! We can get you guaranteed radio airplay on real radio stations including our own. For more information click the button below to read more.

Global Music Distribution

May 26, 2017

FAST: Get Played on iTunes, Spotify & 150+ digital music partners.

In a flash, Pantheon Elite Music Distribution can put your music on the most popular music stores so your fans can listen to you all over the world. They get to hear your songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play…. Upload your music today, and before you know, you’ll be heard around the world.

EASY: Share Music Worldwide & Keep Creative Control.

As a Pantheon Elite artist, you maintain complete creative control. You decide when you’ll release new music, what your fans will hear and how you’ll market it. And TuneCore and your fellow Pantheon Elite artists give you tips that help your creative process, grow your fan base and get your music out there.

FAIR: Distribute Music for $99. Keep 90% of Your Revenue.


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