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CrewZ is an Artist who now considers himself a 'Cosmic Rapper' in terms of music. His parents are of Colombian descent, although CrewZ was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He moved to South Florida in the middle of his junior year of high school. At that time he was in a Hip-Hop crew called 'Jay-Dk' consisting of his friends and cousins. His move down south forced him to become a solo artist and explore new aspects of himself to create new music. At 18, CrewZ was introduced to the practice of meditation which he claims "raised the frequency of his intelligence" which affected his style of rapping and exposed him to new subject matters to write about. His goal is to introduce to the world a new wave of Hip-Hop he calls Awareness Rap. CrewZ defines this genre of music as "Expressing what you know to be of beneficial growth to human consciousness into a unique rhythmic flow". The foundation of this genre is based off of unity, compassion and unconditional love. CrewZ is determined to show the world just how beneficial this type of rapping can become to the human mind. He is able to blend his hip-hop style of rapping with topics like astral projection, meditation, spiritual knowledge, chakras and multidimensionality. CrewZ feels as the collective consciousness of humanity continues to evolve toward a more positive and truth seeking type of world, Awareness Rap fits perfectly for those who love and enjoy the style and culture of Hip-Hop. CrewZ grew up on many genres of music, however, was mostly influenced by Hip-Hop music. He sees this genre as a more competitive type of orchestration of music in which artist battle each other or express how big their egos are and the physical materials they posses. CrewZ's intention of Awareness Rap is to unify people together while empowering their minds so that the masses can understand that we are all fundamentally connected and must unify to truly change the world in a positive more harmonious way.

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